Our Firm

Wayfare Ventures intends to be one of the premier providers of "angel" capital for the commercialization of innovations in travel technology and services, including information technology, advanced materials, guest and employee services, and instruments, controls and electronics throughout the world where the business proposition is compelling. We recognize the crucial and active role that experienced travel technology professionals can play in nurturing emerging companies, and will draw upon the significant knowledge and expertise of our Limited Partner-investors, an advisory board composed of travel industry luminaries, and WAYFARE VENTURES managing partners to actively guide and support portfolio companies. WAYFARE VENTURES brings to the table a variety of relationships and deal-flow sources with:

  • a strategic relationship between our Managing Partner and the Hospitality and Financial Technology Professional (HFTP) organization, a founding Limited Partner in the Fund, with its relationships worldwide with hotel groups and higher educational institutions worldwide;
  • attendance at, and participation in HFTP entrepreneur events and contests worldwide;
  • other educational and research institutions;
  • not-for-profit institutions including other industry associations;
  • an extensive network of strategic partnerships within the relevant industries; and
  • existing working relationships with many worldwide angel groups and venture capital firms.
  • We seek to be an important syndication partner co-investing in qualified investments with non-Partner angels, angel networks and seed stage venture capital funds throughout the world.

HFTP Support

HFTP will be an active and valuable resource to the Fund. We look for HFTP's assistance in three forms: (1) introductions to and access to member institutions of HFTP and their executives and technology leadership; (2) optional introduction to HFTP members and affiliates who are employees or managers of higher educational institutions throughout the world for sourcing of investments and advice to the Fund regarding trends and technology developments underway or contemplated by their institutions; and (3) optional engagement of third party consultants, accountants or other service providers in the travel technology industry affiliated with HFTP